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When you first get into wellness, it can feel like putting on truth goggles. Suddenly, you see more and more unhealthy things in every part of your life. You want to fix it all, but figuring out how to upgrade your food, home, and lifestyle is pretty daunting. Researching, shopping and experimenting to find what works for you can become a full-time job. Trust me, it is….

I wish I could have hired someone years ago to be my wellness sherpa. I had to do it the hard way. But you don’t have to – I’m here.

Check out my services below to learn how I can guide you on your path to wellness!

LBwell Wellness Services - Wellness Consulting

icon_wellness_consulting_50x50 Wellness Consulting – Contact me for package options

  • Form personalized, scientific self-care habits
  • Recommendations in all 5 foundations of health (food, movement, sleep, stress, and environment)
  • Ask me questions along the way
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LBwell Wellness Services - Healthy Home Upgrade

icon_healthy_home_50x50 Healthy Home Upgrade – $300

  • Learn how to minimize toxic chemicals at home
  • Consider: food, kitchenware, water, air, sleeping environment, personal care products, cleaning products, and more
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LBwell Wellness Services - Grocery Store Tour

icon_grocery_tour_50x50 Grocery Store Tour – $300

  • Learn how to read labels and choose quality products. See my favorite brands and products.
  • Shop within your budget and dietary restrictions
  • I recommend Whole Foods or Outpost
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LBwell Wellness Services - Group Cooking Classes

icon_cooking_class_50x50 Group Cooking Classes – Price varies

  • Join me in the LBwell kitchen, where we will cook phenomenally healthy food together!
  • Class examples
    • Knife skills
    • Plan and cook a healthy paleo-ish meal
    • Bulk cooking strategies
    • Ferment homemade probiotic sauerkraut and kimchi
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