Lauren Buckley's Story

I’m Lauren, the founder of LBwell — a wellness consulting company. A biochemist by training, I’ve always been insatiably curious about how the body (world, universe) works and how to use that knowledge to optimize life.

That passion led me to enroll in a Ph.D. at UC-Berkeley to pursue a career researching human health. I was all set to begin graduate school after a year exploring public health in Thailand on a Luce Scholars Fellowship. I had this whole pretty life plan.

But… while living in Bangkok, an unexplained illness knocked me off that path. The illness was relentless; it took me on a full tour of conventional and alternative healthcare in the Philippines, Thailand, Wisconsin and California over the course of 3 years. What I found was not inspiring. Conventional medicine meant spending 7 minutes with a patient, treating organs as isolated entities, suppressing symptoms with risky drugs and surgery, and ignoring the extensively proven effects of diet and lifestyle on most modern diseases.

Several ER visits, dozens of doctors, no real answers.

Lauren's Hospital Stay

So, I tried something else: scouring PubMed. I was so sick and tired I could barely work, but laid on my living room floor day in and day out pouring over medical research and health websites. I spent most of my life not feeling terrible, so I was determined to find a path back to the ease and energy I used to enjoy. I was alive but not living, so I had nothing to lose by trying. It seemed like the only real option.

Lauren Buckley Researching

I devoured research on evidence-based, holistic approaches to wellness, and found decades of powerful research being largely ignored. I also found the healthcare I wanted: functional medicine. Functional medicine readjusts quickly to new research, addresses the underlying cause of illness instead of simply suppressing symptoms, and treats the mind and body as the complex, interconnected system it is.

I overhauled my diet and lifestyle. Did thorough testing and strategic treatment. Step by step, every symptom improved. There is no way to overstate this: I got my life back. I still have a long way to go, but in many ways, I’m enjoying greater vitality now than I did before I got sick. And I believe you can too.

My purpose is to help people get the vibrant health they deserve, to go from feeling like life is a constant struggle… to living a life they love.

I left academia behind and started LBwell. Here, I research, experiment, and coach people through forming personalized self-care habits. I prefer sticking to the powerful tools of diet and lifestyle whenever possible.

I also work with Chris Kresser, New York Times best-selling author of “The Paleo Cure,” author of one of the top 25 health sites in the world, and co-founder of the California Center for Functional Medicine. I study nutrition and functional medicine with him at the Kresser Institute, and continue to study complementary topics such as psychology and philosophy.

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To vibrant health!


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