LBwell Group Cooking Classes

Learn how to prepare nutritious meals.

Knowing what you should eat tends to be easier than consistently getting healthy food on the table.

Especially if you’re like me, and didn’t learn how to cook growing up. Unless Easy Mac counts? Yikes. I remember knowing so little about cooking that I didn’t even know where to start. Knives, kitchen tools, spices, raw meat, recipes, timing, bulk cooking… the whole topic was pretty daunting.

No need to fend for yourself. Let’s get together, learn some cooking skills, and have fun!

Come to the LBwell kitchen and join me (Lauren) and Chef Will Walraven for one of our hands-on group cooking classes. Learn how to make food that is nutritious, delicious, affordable, and simple.

You’ll learn why the food we’re making is so good for you, hone fundamental cooking skills (like how to use a knife), make a few dishes, and meet good people! You’re invited to stay and enjoy the meal together at the end of class.

Most equipment is provided. Just bring a container to bring leftovers home.

Contact me for upcoming group classes you can join!

Have a private group of 5-10 people in mind? Contact me and we’ll set it up. If you prefer we can host the class in your home.

Details at a glance:

  • 3 hours
  • 5-10 people per class
  • Price varies depending on class theme and group size.
Contact me to get started
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